Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Review: Sea Witch by Helen Hollick

Sea Witch (Sea Witch Chronicles #1)
by Helen Holllick

  • Paperback: 316  pages
  • Publisher: Silverwood Books (June 20, 2011)
  • Goodreads Summary:

    The time: the golden age of piracy - 1716
    The Place: the Pirate Round - from South Africa to the Islands of the Caribbean.

    Escaping the bullying of his elder brother, from the age of fifteen Jesamiah Acorne has been a pirate, with only two loves - his ship and his freedom. But his life is to change when he and his crew unsuccessfully attack a merchant ship off the coast of South Africa. He is to meet Tiola Oldstagh, an insignificant girl or so he thinks - until she rescues him from a vicious attack, and almost certain death, by pirate hunters. And then he discovers what she really is; a healer and a midwife - and a white witch. Her name, an anagram of "all that is good." Jesamiah and Tiola become lovers, despite her guardian, Jenna Pendeen's disapproval, but Stefan van Overstratten a Cape Town Dutchman, also wants Tiola as his wife, and Jesamiah's half brother Phillipe MerenoJesamiah's path, he must make a choice between his life as a pirate or his love for Tiola; he wants both - but Mereno and Von Overstratten want him dead. In trouble, imprisoned in the darkness and stench that is the lowest part of his brother's ship, can Tiola with her Craft, and the aid of Roux, Jesamiah's quartermaster and the rest of his loyal crew, save her pirate? And can she keep Jesamiah safe from another who wants him for herself? From the elemental being that is Tethys, Goddess of the Sea? A charismatic pirate rogue and a white witch - what better combination for a story of romance and high-sea fantasy adventure?


    My Opinion:

    I just fell in love with the character Captain Jesamiah Acorne, with his acorn earring and the blue ribbons in his hair. He's charming, he's handsome, he's courageous, he's a pirate! Jesamiah loves his freedom, his ship, the advenures of the chase and eventually he meets Tiola and falls in love with her.

    Tiola is a young beautiful midwife. She is also a white witch! Tiola will do anything to help her pirate lover Jesamiah (although she does not approve of piracy) and has saved him a few times.

    Helen Hollick did a great job on the all of the characters in Sea Witch. I got the feel of each one of them which made the story seem more authentic for me. Sea Witch has adventure, romance, a little mystery  and a bit of fantasy but not enough to chase me off (I'm not a huge fan of the fantasy genre).

    I think the cover of the book is perfect. I can almost smell the salt in air and feel the spray of the ocean on my face!
    I highly recommend this historical novel and I hope you decide to take an adventure on the high seas with Jesamiah and Tiola.



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